A Complete Guide - How To Repair Mechanical Watch

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January 13 2022

Did your mechanical watch stop working? Is it working too fast or slow? Do you want to know “how to repair mechanical watch?”

Owning a mechanical watch is a huge deal, but repairing it from time to time makes sure the watch is working in top-notch condition for many years. No matter how expensive or inexpensive the watch is, it needs some kind of respect. It means you need to do your best not to break and know what to do when it breaks. 

Repairing your mechanical watch every five-to-six years keeps your watch running smoothly and lasts for years. However, it is always better to repair your watch from a professional to fix the problems. 

Why Your Mechanical Watch Stopped Working?

The most common reason why your mechanical watch stopped working is due to not maintaining the watch for many years. It means the lubricants have become dry or certain pieces have worn from years of use. Moreover, there are tons of other reasons that your fine timepiece stops working. 

Some common reasons are:

  • Loose Screw

A loose screw would be one possible reason your mechanical watch stopped functioning. There are high possibilities that the loose screw is blocking the internal mechanics of the watch. It happens due to regular hand and wrist movement to cause a screw to get loose. 

  • Broken Mainspring 

The mainspring is an important part of any mechanical timepiece. The spring is often torn as the material is either exposed to natural aging factors. 

  • Incorrect Winding Process 

Mechanical watches are closely associated with a defective winding mechanism. Winding a mechanical watch forcefully has an impact on the rotor. It is also important not to overwind it to avoid damaging the rotor. 

  • Blocked Dirt On The Movement 

Every mechanical timepiece needs regular maintenance every few years. Dirt and dust blockages will happen if your watch hasn’t been serviced for many years.  

Steps To Know How To Repair Mechanical Watch 


Before you know how to repair mechanical watch. First, you need to know how to open your mechanical watch? 

Follow these simple steps:

  • Use a screwdriver to open the watch; some mechanical watches have screws or screw-like caps to unscrew them easily.

  • Now, you need to take apart the watch using a screwdriver or clipper. However, you need to be careful while dealing with the gears or other parts of the watch. 

  • After taking apart the watch, you need to take off the protective glass by pressing it down with a finger. Now, get a cloth and polish the glass and chassis of the watch. You can take a microfiber towel for better results. 

  • After taking the protective glass, clean the clock face with a cotton swab. Carefully clean the arrow of the watch. 

With mechanical watches, the gears are more complex. It is the only reason many things can go wrong if not handled professionally. Some basic symptoms are your watch is working too slowly or fastly. It mostly happens due to the lack of service and maintenance. 

You might don’t know that over 180 parts should be lubricated from time to time. If you don’t bring your watch every five-to-six years, parts can lose or gain time. Mostly, it occurs due to the lack of oil. A majority of problems in mechanical watches are caused due to dry oil. 

The repair of mechanical watches totally depends on the problem. If you are going for a full service, it involves complete dismantling and cleaning. In case the parts are worn, it is replaced, and the movements are further re-assembled and re-lubricated. Moreover, if you want to replace the battery or dial, make sure to use original parts. 

How To Fix A Mechanical Watch To Work Faster

Repairing a mechanical watch involves a complete dismantling of movements like crystal, bezel, and pushers. Every part of the luxury mechanical watch is meticulously checked, tested, replaced if necessary. A professional watchmaker runs quality-control tests according to the model specifications. 

Tips For Mechanical Watch Maintenance

If you want your timepiece to work for several years, follow these simple tips:

  1. Keep Your Mechanical Watch Wounded 

The lubricants are meant to last longer, but they do dry over time. Only the appropriately lubricated watches work better and longer. Winding is the only way that helps to spread the lubrication. 

  1. Keep It Clean

A really dirty watch looks ugly, and small particles work together for the way inside. Use microfiber polishing cloths on the watch to keep your watch clean. However, you can take a little watch, assuming your crown of the watch is fully secure. Try to avoid the leather strap from getting wet; never use soap. 

 2. Check Gaskets and Seals Regularly 

It doesn’t matter whether the watch has high water resistance, but the material used in gaskets and seals can dry out. If you are swimming regularly with your watch, make sure that you check resistance annually. You can go to a reliable watchmaker store to check water resistance via pressure setting, it is not a costly or time-consuming process. 

3. Use The Best Strap

Always make sure that you choose the right strap for your mechanical watch. If you are choosing a rubber strap, make sure not to expose yourself to the sun and avoid it from bug spray, cologne, and sunscreens. 

Leather straps are not suitable for water, but using leather oil and waterproofing products can keep your watch safe for a long period. You can also go for simple polishing and can also keep your watch last long. 

In case, the strap of the watch is getting old or ugly, you can go for a watch strap replacement and choose something that you love. 

How much does it cost to service a mechanical watch?

Repairing your mechanical watch is important to keep it running for the long term. However, the repair can range according to the condition of the watch. Depending on the complexity of your mechanical watches, the cost will vary. Moreover, the cost of the mechanical watches =depends on the model or brand you are owning. 

However, there are tons of watchmakers who give you an exact idea of the cost of the mechanical watch. After knowing the entire process of how to repair mechanical watch, make sure that you get the best prices. 

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