Rolex Watch: Ultimate Guide About Maintaining And Servicing

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January 13 2022

People who own Rolex often ask, “How Often Should I Service Rolex”. To get continued accuracy and waterproofness, it is recommended to service your Rolex watch every ten years. However, it totally depends on the model and usage in real-life.  

Rolex: loaded with cultural, symbolic, and financial value. This watch stands as one of the most reputable brands globally, and it is also the symbol of the status of opulence. In fact, the Rolex watch is amongst the most universally recognized status symbols. 

How Often Should You Service Rolex Watch

What makes the Rolex watch so popular? The style and the versatility of the watch make it popular. To maintain the style and versatility, a Rolex watch should be serviced regularly. Servicing a Rolex watch every 10 years would give you accuracy and waterproofness—all you need to do is make sure that you choose the right service center. 

When a reliable service center services your Rolex, the watch would be completely dismantled and all of its components are ultrasonically cleaned. Each part would be closely examined, and the parts that don’t meet the aesthetic functionality are replaced with original parts. 

The movement of the watch is carefully lubricated to guarantee its timing accuracy. It goes under rigorous technical tests and checks to guarantee its waterproofness, power reserve, and precision. 

How Much It Cost To Service A Rolex Watch

Some people might don’t know that the Rolex needs servicing. Just like you need to service your vehicle to ensure it is working perfectly, one needs to service a Rolex watch occasionally. 

Let’s face it! A Rolex watch is an expensive purchase, and it consists of countless small parts. Servicing a Rolex watch needs skilled watchmakers who know about each part and how to handle its movement. 

Keeping this in mind, the Rolex watch doesn’t come inexpensive and is likely a well worth investment. However, the cost of servicing greatly depends on the condition of the watch. Servicing a watch will ensure the movement is functioning and make the watch look new again. 

How To Clean Your Rolex Watch

It’s no secret that the Rolex watch is an expensive endeavor. After spending thousands of dollars, you’ll need to take good care of it to enjoy it for years. 

Here are some tips to clean your Rolex:

  • Ensure The Crown Is Screwed Down Properly

All modern Rolex watches are officially water-resistant. However, you need to make sure the winding crown is fully screwed to be sealed against moisture and dirt. When cleaning, make sure that the crown is fully in the screwed-down position. 

  • Fill The Bowl With Soap And Water 

Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and small soap. Try to use mild soap as a cleaning solution as it doesn't have harsh chemicals. If you don’t have soap, you can take a small dab of soap on the brush and wash it up while running your watch underwater. 

  • Scrub It With A Small Brush 

By using a soft-bristled brush, scrub the surface of your Rolex watch. It will remove the dirt and grime that is stuck on the surface of your watch. The soft bristle will always help you reach the small gap between the lugs and bracelet links. 

  • Rinse In Freshwater 

After scrubbing your watch, rinse it under fresh water to wash away leftover dirt particles and soap residue. Also, you need to make sure that all the soap has been fully washed away. 

  • Dry With Microfiber Cloth 

After cleaning the watch properly, dry it off with a microfiber cloth. Moreover, it is always important to use a clean cloth and be free from all polishing compounds. 

How To Maintain Your Rolex Watch 

Rolex watch is a lifetime achievement and a treasured part of your life. This watch is popular for its durability and robustness; it doesn’t gain scratches and dings during wear. However, A little extra care keeps your Rolex watch in top-notch condition. 

Here are some of our recommendations to maintain your Rolex

  • Storing Your Rolex 

When you’re not wearing your watch, it is always a good idea to store it properly. If it comes with a box, you can put it there. All you need is to make sure that you don’t pile watches on top of each other as it would create unwanted scratches. 

Try to store the watch out of direct sunlight and moisture. Make sure that you store the watch away from electronics to avoid exposing the movement to magnetic fields. 

  • Cleaning Your Rolex 

Depending on how often you clean your Rolex watch, keep it forever with regular cleaning and maintenance. If you are wearing it every day, cleaning it every week is recommended. It will also remove dirt and grime that might dull the look of your Rolex. 

  • Up keeping Your Rolex 

Rolex watch restoration is the best way to keep the Rolex looks new. However, there are plenty of ways where you can restore the lasting look of your Rolex watch, like polishing pastes, clothes, and solutions out there to get the job done right at home. 

How Often You Should Wear Rolex

Rolex is designed to wear regularly. If you do not wear it for more than a couple of days, it will actually stop running. However, it completely depends on you how often you want to wear a Rolex. For some people, Rolex is not something they want to wear every day. Some people choose to wear their Rolex on special occasions, and it is completely fine. 

It is not a good idea to wear a Rolex to stop running and damaging it, so it is advised to have your watch run every now and then to ensure that the lubricants do not prematurely dry out or migrate. 

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