How Often You Should Service Rolex Watch

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January 13 2022

Rolex watches are designed to the highly-regarded craftsmanship standard, built to last forever. Scheduling regular services would ensure your timepiece is running in top-notch condition. However, your Swiss-made watch must be serviced by a certified watchmaker. 


Before you service your Rolex Watch, it is essential to know how a Rolex watch works and what happens during a typical servicing. 


Benefits Of Regular Rolex Servicing 


Apart from extending the lifespan of the Rolex, there are tons of benefits that come with seeking out regular Rolex servicing. Regular servicing would ensure that it stays properly lubricated. Like any other machine, you need to make sure that the movement within your watch is fully lubricated to lessen any friction inside the watch casing. 


Only a reliable technician would use a variety of lubricants to ensure every piece of your movement runs correctly. 


However, lubricants don’t last for a lifetime. So, you need to keep applying it from time to time. When the lubrication breaks down, the amount of friction on the movement increases the wear and tear of your watch. Remember that more minor wear and tear would keep Rolex to last longer. 


It should be serviced more often if you have a vintage Rolex watch, as the lubricants did not hold up over time.



Things To Expect During A Rolex Service 


The main goal of a Rolex service is to lubricant the movement to ensure all pieces are working correctly. If any part of your Rolex would be wearing down, it must be preemptively repaired. As you are well aware that Rolex is a valuable timepiece, make sure you turn to a trustworthy watch repair shop. 


A reliable watch repair shop would carefully disassemble the movement of your Rolex and then clean each component. However, many repair shops use ultrasonic cleaning methods to ensure that all dirt and debris are properly removed. The broken pieces of your watch would be removed and replaced before the watch is placed back together after reassembling, lubricant is applied, and the watch will be polished. 


How To Have Rolex Watch Serviced 

Not many people know that the Rolex watch falls into three categories: New, 7 Years Old, and Vintage Rolex watches. To answer your question, “how often you should service your Rolex” depends on how old your Rolex is. If you want your Rolex to last long, then you should take the right steps to preserve the quality of your watch. 


Here’s a guide that would help you out:


New Rolex Watches: New Rolex generally doesn’t need to get serviced. Not maintaining your new Rolex would cause a drastic drop in performance. 


Over seven years old: Rolex watches over seven years old should be treated to a full-service overhaul. Overhaul services would help you keep the parts lubricated so that the watch can continue functioning. 


Vintage Rolex Watches: It is always recommended to avoid servicing vintage Rolex watches until and unless they are functioning badly. Your vintage watch should be replaced with its original parts as far as possible. 


Servicing A Rolex Watch Includes


The first step of watch overhauling is a complete dismantling of the watch and its inward movement. You might don’t know that an average Rolex watch consists of over 200 segments, and some complex watches have more than 1,000 individual pieces. 


After disassembling the watch and movement, each segment should be cleaned before applying new ointment. Cleaning the Rolex watch includes an ultrasonic cleaning to remove old ointments and dirt.  

Replacement Of Damaged Components  

After the watch gets completely dismantled, a professional watchmaker would examine each segment for the signs of wear and tear. Certified Rolex parts would replace damaged pieces. Some parts cannot withstand the time, so they need to be replaced at some time. Make sure that you are replacing it with the original parts.  

Reassembly Of Lubricants  

When all the parts are cleaned and lubricated, the next step would be to reassemble the watch. During this process, various lubricants are reapplied to the watch to give you a look that you want. 


Give Your Rolex The Attention It Deserves 


No matter how it looks, Rolex is a piece of art. Each Rolex is created with the finest materials with unmatched precision and attention to detail. It is the reason you should give your Rolex the care and attention that it deserves. 


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