Tips To Take Care Of Your Luxury Watches

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January 18 2022

Luxury watches are designed to keep track of the time of your day. Dirt, dust, moisture, extreme temperature, UV radiation are the enemies of your watch. For more than a century, watchmakers have been developing various technologies to seal the watch. Now, watchmakers are producing more sealed and shockproof watches than ever. 

Most people want their watch from generation to generation. However, you need to be very careful when carrying luxury watches. 

Tips To Take Care Of Your Luxury Watches 

Here are some of the helpful tips you need to know on how to take care of your luxury watches. 

Clean Regularly 

Without saying it much, clean your watch regularly. It is essential to clean as it keeps your eye in good condition and connotes a different perspective on your personality. 

First, you need to remove the strap and clean it for half an hour to go through every single part. You need to use a toothbrush and try to go through all the hard-to-reach spots of the case. You can also use a special clearer to treat the material. 

Avoid Contact With Chemicals 

Luxury watches are not always affected by any chemical compound like perfumes. Make sure that before wearing your watch, lotions and perfume are applied and dried. Not many people know that lotions and perfumes can damage the band of the watch, making it weak and eventually causing it to tear.

Even if you are wearing a leather watch, it should not be affected by perfume and lotion as it might cause rust on the band of the metal.

Service Your Watch Regularly 

Ideally, the mechanical watch should be serviced every two years, whereas an automatic watch should be serviced every five years. Make sure you replace the dead battery to avoid the risk of harmful leakage for your watch. 

In case of damage, never try to open your watch all by yourself. Various individual components with precision design. As you know, your luxury watch works for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Opening your watch all by yourself can expose it to dust, dirt, and other particles. It would also impact the water-resistance of your watch. 

Keep Your Watch Box To Storage 

Whenever you buy a new watch, you might throw it out of the box. It is very important to keep your watch in a box that would protect the watch. Not many people know that the watch dial might get scratched easily if not taken necessary precautions. 

It would be best if you got a storage case that is designed to keep all your watches safe. It is equal to a jewelry box and is designed to keep all your watches safe. Luxury watches are stored in a pillow/cushion-like material to prevent dents. It also has a glass top that would allow you to see your collection. It is suitable for the person who wears a different watch every day. 

Watch Out Magnet 

Magnets can ruin the life of your watch. In the past few years, getting your look close to any magnet was pretty much a death sentence. As you know, mechanical movement works in a perfect mathematical balance in every small component, and a solid magnetic pull would make it all fall apart. Now, watches come with an anti-magnetic coating, but try to avoid magnets. 

It is essential to service your watch so that you can enjoy the experience of owning a watch. 

Avoid Exposure To Sunlight 

If you are exposing the watch to direct sunlight, it will cause color-fading of the watch, and it would also raise the temperature that can affect the battery life. Whether you own Rolex, Patek Phillippe, or Cartier, it needs constant maintenance to last long and perform accurately. 

Direct sunlight would fade the color on your watch, and heat would shorten the battery life of your luxury watch. It is always best to prevent your watch from being placed in direct sunlight. 

Leave Your Watch To Expert - IWP Watches 

Try not to open your watch all by yourself; always leave it to the person who specializes in looking into a problem. Opening the watch would cause dust, dirt, and various other particles harmful to your watch. So, it is always advisable to leave it to the professionals. 

IWP Watches have years of experience in repairing your watch in Belgium. Our professional experts would care for your luxury watches at an affordable price. We know your watch is really important for you, so we ensure to give you the best services.

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