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A Walkthrough To The Expert Cartier Watch Repair Service

A Cartier watch generally features 160 parts, which calls for maintenance and service at regular intervals to keep its performance in peak condition. We guarantee top-notch standards of horological upkeep. Our veteran watch engineers are constantly at your service for meticulous handling and maintenance of your luxury timepiece.

At IWP, we offer the latest high-tech tools and machinery to yield optimum results working on brands along with fastidious care and practice to deliver impeccable service.

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How We Repair Cartier Watch

A Complete Cartier Watch Repair Includes:

  • Firstly, we will diagnose your watch for free and check the cause of any faults and repairs that need to be done.

  • Then, the case is opened and all the parts are taken for cleaning and lubrication purposes.

  • After that, all parts are meticulously cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaning bath that gives it a new shine.

  • The features that were causing rattling sounds are being lubricated with special greases to ensure smooth working.

  • After this, the watch then undergoes a water resistance and aesthetic timekeeping test to ensure its correct and smooth operation.


Kinds Of Services We Offer For Cartier Watch Repair

Our all-encompassing suite of services will revert your Cartier servicing with intended functionality:

  • Dismantling of movement, case, and bracelet.

  • Case and bracelet’s ultrasonic cleaning.

  • Cleaning and oiling of the components and movement.

  • Replacement of worn-out parts with genuine parts.

  • Cartier Battery replacements

  • Re-assembly of the watch including dial and hands.

  • Water and pressure resistance tests.

  • Polishing the watch's case and bracelet.


Perks Of Getting Service From IWP Watches

Certified Watchmakers

We offer skilled watch technicians holding certifications from Switzerland universities along with international exposure in swiss watch repairing.

Experienced Service Center

Our watch engineers possess a countable number of experience in servicing and repairing renowned luxury brands.

Warranty Services

Along with the highest quality craftsmanship and servicing, we offer a complimentary year-long warranty so as to deliver satisfied customers.

Free Watch Diagnosis

Our experts will diagnose your watch for free and let you know the kind of repair your watch needs and the estimated cost for the same

Guaranteeing Durable Services Along With Happy Customers

We are committed to giving first-class repair and polishing services that ensure new shine to your watch. We offer a workshop that is fully equipped with the latest tools and required pressure testing equipment to change your watch’s look. Our goal is to deliver happy and satisfied customers by giving quality services at the best possible prices.

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