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IWP’s High-End Omega Watch Repair Services

Luxury watches like Omega are conceived to stand the test of time. Its history will live onto the next generation with the same shine if maintained and serviced at regular intervals. People often have this misconception that top-notch timepieces don’t need to be serviced regularly. They always wait for a problem to happen to get it serviced, but that’s not good - Get routine Omega watch repair with us.

From repairing the broken glasses to keeping the right time, IWP watches have taken care of it all.

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Signs and Solutions For Omega Watch Repair

Along with signs that call for repair, we have suggested you the solutions for the same as mentioned below:

  • Your watch will not keep the right time, either it runs ahead of the time or lacking behind it - Your watch might probably need a battery replacement for that.

  • If it has some scratches or looks worn-out - It may probably need refurbishing and polishing.

  • If it is making some rattling sounds, it may need to be cleaned and lubricated by completely disassembling the watch to pieces.

  • If the strap of your watch looks worn out and ugly, it may probably need Strap Replacement that will give it a new look.

  • If hands and dial are losing out, it needs to be fixed or replaced using genuine parts.


What We Offer For Omega Watch Service

The following are the services that we offer for Omega Watch Repair :

  • Disassembling your watch into pieces.

  • Inspection of the watch and look for excessive wear.

  • Removing the worn-out parts.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication of all parts.

  • Replacing the seals of the case, crystals, and crown gaskets.

  • Refinishing and polishing the watch case, bracelet, and bezel.

  • Reassembling the watch and testing the operations for proper functionality.


IWP Offers You With The Following

Certified Technicians

Holding certifications from Switzerland universities, our watchmakers are trained to service luxury watches.

Free Watch Diagnosis

Our technicians will diagnose your watch for free and give you an exact estimate of the cost and servicing required.

Guaranteed Services

We assure a year-long warranty on all our omega repairs.

Same Day Services

Make an appointment with us and get your watch serviced within a day. *Depends on the type of servicing*

Guaranteeing Durable Services Along With Happy Customers

We are committed to giving first-class repair and polishing services that ensure new shine to your watch. We offer a workshop that is fully equipped with the latest tools and required pressure testing equipment to change your watch’s look. Our goal is to deliver happy and satisfied customers by giving quality services at the best possible prices.

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