Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Battery Replacement

Are you looking for a battery for your luxury watch? you're in the right place! Start your battery replacement journey today; please fill out our contact form. We will contact you within 24 hours. However, we always use Swiss batteries that come with a 2-year warranty.

We complete battery replacement within 2 to 3 days after your precious timepiece arrives in our store. Our professional technicians are all here to replace your batteries as soon as possible.

Yes, all our batteries are fully insured for two years. If your new battery dies before two years, please contact us.

Watch Overhaul

First, the watch's movement is removed from the case and completely disassembled. We have a team of professionals who will disassemble your watch. The movement needs to go to the multi-step ultrasonic cleaning process. Before the watch is closed, all the seals are replaced, and the case is pressure tested. Your watch cases and bracelet can also be refinished or polished if desired.

Watch overhaul cost varies according to the complexity of each. We have skilled watchmakers who work for hours for watch overhauling services. Before we start any work, we will send you the final estimate.

We offer our reliable customers a 2-year warranty on all our watch repair services. Our watch overhaul services will give you the highest satisfaction.

At I.W.P. Watches, we specialize in repairing Rolex, Patek Phillipp, Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, and lots more. However, we will be happy to service any watch brand.

Yes! We can totally refurbish your vintage watch. Our watch refurbishment services would give your new shine and look.

Refurbishing your luxury watch every ten years will keep your watch's look intact and new. Our professional technicians ensure to give you the best possible shine and look.

Watch Restoration

Yes! We offer free repair estimates. Our technicians will determine the problem and give you a very close estimate. We can go further with our watch restoration services if our estimate is acceptable.

If your vintage watch is a family heirloom that you've inherited, then it's worth restoring. Your old watch might hold some sentimental value, making it worth repairing.

Sorry, we can't. We cannot give you an estimate without seeing the watch. A picture cannot tell us what might go wrong with the internal mechanism of your watch.

Watch Strap Replacement

Yes! We have more than 1000 watch strap models and styles for your watch bands; we offer you various strap designs and styles for your luxury watch that suits your styles and requirements.

Yes! All our watch straps are made with genuine materials.

Yes! We will inform you about the additional cost by sending out an invoice for any additional work.

Watch Dial Restoration

The day we receive your watch, we will notify you of the free estimation of your watch. No work would be carried forward without your approval.

Yes! We perform quality checks before delivering your precious timepiece to you. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

After our watch dial restoration services, your luxury watch would look at its best. Your watch would be free from any scratches and blemishes. We ensure to keep your valuable timepiece in good working condition.