Why Do You Need Watch Dial Restoration Services

Watch dial restoration is required when your watch is not looking at its best. The dial may be discolored due to multiple reasons like age and water. If your watch has blemishes or scratches, fix it up through professional dial restoration services. This process can keep the timepiece valuable and in good working condition for the long term.

In some conditions, numbers on the dial become loose or fall out of their position. Our technicians reaffix these into places during the dial restoration repair process to give it a new look.

Our watch dial restoration services transform the look of your luxury watch.

How To Spot A Refinished Watch Dial

When the watch dial has not been cared for properly, it could have lead to serious damage to the watch. The only way you can get it back is by restoring the watch dial. I.W.P Watches ensure that you get the best services ever for a life-long commitment. Here are some changes that you will see after a watch dial restoration services from us.

  • Unlike, earlier your watch will keep exact time and the minute hands are working correctly.

  • After our watch dial restoration services, you will have a high-gloss finish of the dial.

  • You will witness a scratch-free smooth finished water dial.

  • You will experience a white or luminous watch dial.


Cost Of Watch Dial Restoration Services

Each case of luxury watch restoration is unique and requires individual treatment. According to the watch's dial complexity, the cost of the restoration will vary. When we take any dial restoration services, we provide you with an estimate for your approval before starting any repairing work. However, the prices completely depend on the amount of repairing work to be performed.


Process Of Watch Dial Restoration

Detailed Examination

Our specialist watchmaker will conduct a detailed examination to know the nature of the watch dial restoration service to perform.

Disassembling Whole Watch

We disassemble the whole watch and clean each component in an ultrasonic bath

Replacing With Original Parts

Worn components are replaced with original parts. We always use original parts to give you a lifelong warranty.

Quality Check

The functionality and aesthetical parameters are checked against stringent quality standards.

Extraordinary service for extraordinary customers

We make sure your watch gets the ultimate level of repair and reaches you as good as new. Happy and satisfied customers are our goal. We aim to provide our customers with promised quality along with trusted professional services.

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The day we receive your watch, we will notify you of the free estimation of your watch. No work would be carried forward without your approval.

Yes! We perform quality checks before delivering your precious timepiece to you. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

After our watch dial restoration services, your luxury watch would look at its best. Your watch would be free from any scratches and blemishes. We ensure to keep your valuable timepiece in good working condition.

You can fill our contact form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can send us an email at [email protected] or call us on +32 483 46 49 24

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