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What We Offer

Bring your watch to us for overhaul, we’re 100% sure you’ll be astonished after seeing the results. We have extensive 3 years of experience in fixing and repairing luxury as well as vintage watches. Our team can transform any well-used watch to brand new again.

  • Best Price Guaranteed

    Holding a luxury watch and looking to get it repaired? Come to us, we offer professional watch services along with genuinely affordable prices. You must be estimating a high price if your watch is not in guarantee, but we offer the best prices.

  • Customer Satisfactory Services

    We use professional tools and equipment that make sure your watch gets the best care. We offer customers satisfactory repair by using 100% authentic & genuine cleaning and lubricating solvents to repair your timepiece.

  • 2 Year Guarantee

    A countable number of experience allows us to give a 2-year long guarantee on all our watch repair services.

Signs Indicating Need Of Watch Overhaul

No Time Accuracy

It’s the most common and easily recognizable sign. There can be a number of scenarios possible in that case - movement magnetization or lack of lubrication - In either case, get it checked by a professional.

Rattling Noise

On average, there are approximately 100 parts that are at the risk of jostling when you wear your timepiece. If your watch is making a rattling noise, it’s advisable to get your watch checked and fixed by an expert to keep it running for a longer duration.

Watch Overhaul Belgium

Cost For Watch OverHaul

Watch overhauling is a complex process that involves complete dismantling to meticulously check every part and replace the necessary. Cost may vary depending on the brand, its complexity, and the type of watch you hold.

Our watchmakers will diagnose your watch for free and give you an estimate of the price. In case, you like to know the exact price for your watch servicing, you can fill up the contact form with the required information and get an estimate of the price that you need to pay.

Watch Overhaul Antwerp

What Does Complete Overhaul Include

Watch Disassembly

We will completely disassemble your watch to inspect and monitor its inner workings.

Cleaning And Lubrication

Clean all the moving parts with cleaning solvents and provide high-grade lubrication.

Polishing And Refinishing

We will polish and refinish the watch (if required)

Accuracy Testing

The watch will be put into a 72-hour accuracy test that checks for the proper operation of all functionality.

Extraordinary service for extraordinary customers

We make sure your watch gets the ultimate level of repair and reaches you as good as new. Happy and satisfied customers are our goal. We aim to provide our customers with promised quality along with trusted professional services.

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First, the watch's movement is removed from the case and completely disassembled. We have a team of professionals who will disassemble your watch. The movement needs to go to the multi-step ultrasonic cleaning process. Before the watch is closed, all the seals are replaced, and the case is pressure tested. Your watch cases and bracelet can also be refinished or polished if desired.

Watch overhaul cost varies according to the complexity of each. We have skilled watchmakers who work for hours for watch overhauling services. Before we start any work, we will send you the final estimate.

We offer our reliable customers a 2-year warranty on all our watch repair services. Our watch overhaul services will give you the highest satisfaction.

You can fill our contact form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can send us an email at [email protected] or call us on +32 483 46 49 24.

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