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Signs Indicating Watch Strap Replacement

Here are some signs that indicate replacing your watch strap with a new one.

  • Ripped Band

    Due to regular usage, leather bands get ripped off and start to look shabby and old.

  • Loose Buckle

    Regular wear and tear lose the buckle; It stops fastening tightly.

  • Dull Look

    Due to sunlight, dust, and regular usage, your watch strap starts to look dull and boring.

Come to us, we have got it covered for you. Choose from our extensive strap collection and enjoy your watch’s new cool look with free estimates along with guaranteed professional services.

How Much Watch Strap Replacement Costs

We diagnose your watch for free and check its buckle, pin, and spring bars for any maintenance. If they need some repairing, we’ll fix the genuine links and give you an estimate for the price. Also, the cost depends on your brand’s complexity and the quality of the strap you choose for your watch. It can range all the way up if you decide to go for top Swiss brands.

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Swing your choice for the best!

We have certified technicians holding diplomas from Switzerland universities, with years of experience in fixing and working with luxury watches of all renowned brands. We offer thousands of styles and colors in watch straps for all kinds of luxury watches. We replace the straps and provide new links, clasps, and buckles for straps. Along with that, we offer a year-long warranty on our services. Come to us and get your watch’s look updated with the most trendy and durable watch straps.

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Steps Included In Watch Strap Replacement

Assessing Strap

The first and foremost step is to assess the watch’s strap and check for the damage.

Removing Old Strap

The old strap is carefully removed.

Choosing New Strap

After having an idea about the length, the new strap is being chosen from the many strap varieties.

Fixing New Strap

The new strap is meticulously attached and adjusted according to the wearer’s preference.

Extraordinary service for extraordinary customers

We make sure your watch gets the ultimate level of repair and reaches you as good as new. Happy and satisfied customers are our goal. We aim to provide our customers with promised quality along with trusted professional services.

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Yes! We have more than 1000 watch strap models and styles for your watch bands; we offer you various strap designs and styles for your luxury watch that suits your styles and requirements.

Yes! All our watch straps are made with genuine materials.

Yes! We will inform you about the additional cost by sending out an invoice for any additional work.

You can fill our contact form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can send us an email at [email protected] or call us on +32 483 46 49 24

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